Marketing Support

Custom CRM Configuration with White-Glove Marketing Support

GrocerVision is the only grocery-focused group that provides white-glove, comprehensive, full-service marketing support for our clients, helping them portray a sophisticated, professional image and attract and retain new customers. By interfacing with our custom GrocerVision CRM, we can handle all your customer communications.

Gain Large-Store Advantages Without the Investment

GrocerVision CRM offers small and medium-sized businesses the capabilities of a supermarket-sized CRM tool that captures the right data for your customers and potential customers. By then layering on our marketing support, you can trust that our full-service approach will help you cultivate new shoppers and retain existing shoppers’ loyalty. We will utilize every aspect of your customer data to build a customized, highly focused approach to every piece of your marketing program. Marketing experts have claimed that data is the new gold — and we agree whole-heartedly.

How Webociti Helps Your Grocery Store Drive New Sales and Increase Cart Size

Our background is in the grocery business and we have the experience to create a customized, engaging approach to marketing and advertising. Our experience is our differentiator. We have thousands of ideas for weekly circulars, which remain a staple in grocery store marketing plans.
We will utilize the latest technology in geofencing to target the right potential customers for your specific brand, importing data and using it to create specialized, effective and sophisticated campaigns. We will also create and manage every aspect of your digital advertising program, including all social media profiles and messaging platforms. We will produce consistent, relevant content that will establish familiarity and credibility with your current and potential clientele.

Reaping the Benefits From Capitalizing on Digital Evolutions

There is no denying that digital evolutions will continue to be a top priority for successful grocery stores. Forbes Magazine predicts that grocery store chains will continue to expand into the e-commerce delivery realm, and says to invest in logistics for improving online grocery shopping for in-store pickup. With investments on the horizon, a robust multi-channel advertising discipline is a must-have to help produce a steady return.

Encourage New and Repeat Shoppers with Aggressive Reputation Management

Our specialists will also defend your reputation and brand like it’s our own. Reputation management is a fundamental aspect of maximizing search engine results, converting website traffic into customers, and developing credibility and positive brand identity in the marketplace. After all, you are who Google reviews say you are. Our team will help you drive positive online reviews by requesting them from your most reliable customers, by addressing less-than-glowing reviews proactively and professionally, by actively communicating your values and market differentiators and by ensuring all your online contact data is accurate and up-to-date. If a customer wants to contact you, we’ll make sure your information is easy to find and reliable, getting them through your doors as swiftly as possible.

Webociti Digital Marketing Supports Your Grocery Sales Goals

There’s no team in the world that’s better prepared than us to link arms with your store’s leadership and march toward continued success. Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation. Our results are outstanding and we would love to help your store capitalize on our knowledge and prior results. Don’t settle for doing the things you’ve always done in the way you’ve always done them. Instead; capitalize on grocery business growth, improve your revenue and create a brand that will stand the test of time.