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    Real-Time Insights Into Your
    Most Important Operations and Revenue Opportunities

The First Fully-Integrated Shopper Activity, MarCom Development and Relationship Platform

GrocerVision CRM is designed specifically to meet the needs of Supermarkets , so you can be confident that you’ll have the tools that you need at your fingertips. From our raw and targetable databases to multicultural consumer needs analysis, you’ll quickly see how you can make the best use of your data to grow your business.

This comprehensive customer management database also includes support for CDIs, BDIs and SDIs, ROAD analytics, creative design and development elements, and more. Each part of the GrocerVision CRM is designed to provide greater transparency into the ROI of your unique promotion initiatives, so you can confidently make decisions that will grow your business.

With GrocerVision, you get access to a FREE shopper management platform
that is custom-built for grocers.

GrocerVision, a Revolutionary Easy-to-Use Solution Will:

Identify & Seize New Grocery Sales Opportunities

Performance Science for your Sales Promotion.

Loyalty Modeling, & Intelligent Rewards

Economic Order Quantity Sciences

Build Reliable Asset Allocation Practices

A Customized CRM Solution Built Just for Grocers!

For far too long, independent supermarket owners have been at the mercy of solely their life’s experiences learned at the College of Hard Knocks simply because the high costs of topline CRM’s and the support mechanisms to leverage the power of CRM’s in the grocery world were way beyond the budgets or finances of these proud grocers.

GrocerVision is transforming the way small to mid-size grocery chains think about marketing and selling their goods. consumers demand a preferred, unique wherever possible shopper satisfaction experience, including everything from customized shopper discount programs actually based upon those products your shoppers prefer to buy; Shopper loyalty advantages associated with preferred shoppers and their shopper dynamics; Shopper Friendly, fully integrated electronic coupons sent directly to their Grocer Exchange Electronic Wallets or electively, via their own personal selection criteria via the Grocer Exchange “Select-Elect” Download to card or GEX Rewards digital coupons, loyalty enhancement & complimentary suggested brand and category added participation programs and recommendations.

In addition to The GrocerVision CRM Saas Platform, as you may elect, you also have the option interact and engage with our world class, award-winning creative development team and seasoned marketing professionals to help increase the effectiveness and power of your GrocerVision CRM to your best advantage and to suite your greatest needs.

Free to Grocer Exchange Members for free for one full Year.

GrocerVision CRM Features and Benefits

Increase Cart Size

Upsells and creative advertising boost awareness of key brands, enticing shoppers to increase their cart size.

Boost Purchasing Frequency

Capturing shopper data allows you to customize special offers, bringing shoppers back to your store on a regular basis.

Automate Your Marketing

Why spend dozens of hours each month on marketing activities? Use that time more wisely when you automate important marketing tasks.

Enhance the Shopper Experience

Finding relevant deals on useful products allows your brand to add value to the shopper experience -- increasing overall revenue.

Expand Knowledge of Shopping Habits

Are you missing sales opportunities with local shoppers? Gaining deeper insights into shopper habits helps identify ways to increase sales.

Consistent, Integrated Data

With all of your shopper and product data available within a single CRM platform, you have the info needed to make decisions at your fingertips.

Supercharge Your Results with a Proactive Team of Marketing Communications Professionals

Once your CRM is complete, you’re ready to take the next step in your Supermarket evolution —
fine-tuning your marketing and advertising efforts to increase revenue.

With GrocerVision, you get the added value of accessing our elite team of marketing communications
professionals and a dedicated digital advertising team. Digital marketing functions are built right into the platform, so there’s no need to worry about expensive additional software or data integrations.

Our digital marketing communications and advertising teams have more than 15 years of experience working with grocery stores and other related industries. You can be confident that we understand your business model and how to drive new revenue for your brand.

How is it Possible?

The GrocerVision CRM is the most powerful, uniquely designed grocery and CPG CRM
on the planet — and we are offering it for a full year trial absolutely free.

It’s really quite simple. It’s an experiment, fully funded by 15 of the largest
Consumer Packaged Goods Companies
along with these additional partners:

3 of the largest Financial Services Companies
One of the largest Money Center Bank of the largest Investment Banking Firms

We are giving you the opportunity to level the playing field against the “big boys” in the supermarket world
— the ones with deep pockets and plenty of software developers at their side.

This lets YOU embrace the benefits of added assistance to supercharge your retail grocery growth.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Our group of 20 world-class business leaders will reveal what comes next in April 2022
— will you be ready to take the next step?

GrocerVision CRM is FREE for a Year: Too Good to Be True?

The GrocerVision CRM is the most powerful, uniquely designed grocery and CPG CRM on the planet
and we are offering it for a full year trial absolutely free.

Using a traditional CRM may work for some businesses, but grocery stores have unique needs. Tracking sales trends and shopper habits is increasingly complex, and it would be cost-prohibitive to customize a standard CRM for Supermarkets.

With GrocerVision, you gain access to a purpose-built CRM that has all the tools that you would expect
— already configured to support your unique needs!

You don’t need to pre-load POS data or client information. We do all the work of setting up the system
and getting data loaded and ready for use.